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Princípia is a company with its expertise in innovative and unic  solutions for the manufacturing of steel packing for promotional purpose. The metal container (can) is currently, the packaging option that  most respects consumer demands, it is: abiding, can be recycled and reused, the manufacturing process is clean and environmentally sustainable.

The main difference regarding Princípia is the commitment with the work results and to ecxeed customers expectations . All projects are bespokem with original solutions. The integrated logistic part of Princípia, allows optimized working way in the development of projects and the delivery of products besides the time and money saving.. 

The steel packing developed by Princípia, customized in the size and format required by the customer, presenting an elegant, graceful and functional solution,transforming a simple packaging into an  object of desire.  

See-through quality, competency and ethics, upon three-legged stand that surrounds the company, it has been built the companys name - Princípia -, today a reference regarding steel packing.